Erik would bring to our city council the diversity of thought that is imperative now to support the change needed in our community. He offers experience and a depth of knowledge in our political history that will be invaluable in shaping our future.

Cherisse Sweeney

SLO Mayoral Candidate

I have known Erik for over 17 years and have never experienced anything less than his full loyalty and dedication towards producing positive results no matter what issue. He will never take the easy way out
or settle for anything less than what is best for the business community and the people of SLO.

Christopher Rodgers

Retired U.S. Navy Master Chief (SEAL)

A longtime resident of SLO, Erik has the passion to serve the city and improve the lives of the people. He is a talented leader who is dedicated and focused on the issues facing the city. He is forward thinking, open minded and realistic, and is able to get things done.”

Phil I. Panos

Retired Firefighter

Erik will make an outstanding council member. He has my full support.

Joe Centeno

Former Santa Barbara County Supervisor

Dear Citizens of San Luis Obispo,

Twenty-years ago when I moved to San Luis Obispo, I felt I had arrived at one of the most
beautiful small cities in California. In many ways, I still feel this way. However, over the last
few years, I feel there are three issues of concern which merit additional attention;
homelessness, housing and downtown parking. While I realize much has been done by
various political bodies to address these issues, I am proposing that we undertake a far
more expansive process that would allow for greater inclusiveness and the development of
diverse ideas.

I am calling for three summits starting in Fall 2021 through Fall 2022. The reason for a
delayed start to these summits is that we must first continue to work as a community in
containing the spread of COVID-19, while a vaccine is developed. Details for these
summits are on the Issues page.

I thank you for taking the time to read this information. I would be honored to have your


Erik Long